At Cinnect understand that each organization is unique when it comes to information security management, and we make every effort to reflect your unique needs in the design of our solutions.

Cinnect helps implement and manage regulatory policies with software consulting and bespoke solutions to manage and monitor all your risk and compliance requirements. TurnObiz also empowers risk and compliance professionals and businesses to execute their roles.

Our bespoke software helps build risk models and maintenance analytics, create enterprise-wide networks to standardize practices and procedures, manage documents and facilitate end to end management.

While, most companies today are considering business intelligence tools to improve company’s productivity and bottom-line, but such application restricts you to your desk, with too much reliance on immobile resources and remote data sources. BI is no longer used just for doing strategic and tactical reporting and analysis, but also for driving and optimizing daily business processes and workflows.

Now you have a choice, to control every pulse of your business round the clock anywhere, anytime. ROVE, by turnobiz a revolutionary, mobile dashboard provides you rapid access to your existing enterprise information without being burdened of a phone call or a laptop. It puts you in the driver’s seat, quickly enabling you to view your accounts, reports and transitions, the Drill Down capability means; you never have to sacrifice important information to keep things organized.