The significance of software maintenance

Maintenance plays an important role in the life cycle of a software product. It is estimated that there are more than 100 billion lines of code in production in the world. As much as 80% of it is unstructured, patched and not well documented. Maintenance can alleviate these problems. Maintenance played in iterative, agile, component-based and open source development models.

As software systems age, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep them ‘up and running’ without maintenance. Software maintenance is a important phase in the software development life cycle.


Software maintenance from a TurnObiz perspective

Creating or developing a software solution is only half the job done. The need and capability to make that software solution scalable, commanding, and complete is a different story altogether and hence the importance of these elements can in no way be underestimated. These criteria have to be fulfilled and resolved in order to make the solution a success story but most of the IT consultant firms fail to make a mark in these specific areas. TurnObiz is a name to consider with in the all important sector of software maintenance.

  • »Cinnect software solutions deals in the following areas of software maintenance.
  • »Regular modifications carried out with the primary concern of making the site survive the daunting competition.
  • »Fast and effective solutions to discover functional, quality and performance issues if any in order to prevent the site or the software solution from suffering.
  • »Relentless efforts to match the upcoming standards and trends in the field and implement them towards the betterment of the existing software/site solution.
  • »Meet the twists and problems faced in all the aspects of maintenance; from technical to executive all problems are tackled by a team that is specialized and experienced in the respective fields.

Cinnect Services for Testing

Cinnect has built significant capabilities in the areas of test automation, performance testing, mobile application testing, and compatibility testing using both open source and vendor tools. we have worked with companies in US, Dubai and India to deliver quality software through a combination of onsite consulting and offshore delivery.

Our software testing services includes:

  • »Test Strategy Consulting
  • »Test Automation
  • »Functional Testing
  • »Mobile Application Testing
  • »Compatibility Testing