At Cinnects, ‘community work’ is not just an act of favor or charity, directed towards doing something for the welfare of the needy. It is, in fact, an initiative that is voluntarily undertaken to improve the quality of life around us. As an active corporate member of society, We are committed to building relationships with local communities and the society as a whole.

Our Aim

To inspire and motivate people around us via effective use of our resources in a rational manner and with humility.


Quality Policy Realization

  • »To achieve continual business excellence by integrating Process, People and Technologies to exceed customer expectations every time.
  • »To create a learning organization by inculcating personal and professional skills, to achieve high quality and organizational excellence.
  • »To improve organizational and team effectiveness to consistently exceed our customers' expectations.
  • »To imbibe newer technologies in chosen areas to develop and provide products and solutions.
  • »To consistently improve processes by empowering employees to eliminate problems at source and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • »To encourage everyone in organization as well as customers to share ideas to improve products/solutions and processes, and develop new products/solutions by innovative usage of technology.